Hi I’m Steph!.. Welcome to Sharp Design!

I thought I’d do something different. Something that has been on my mind for a very long time! Have I really introduced myself?

so that is my plan for this post, to talk about myself and how I decided to go into Graphic Design and Photography Enjoy!

For some of you who don’t know My name is Stephanie, Stephanie Anne Sharp to be precise and I am 20 years old. I grew up as the oldest child, and oldest grandchild of the family and have a younger sister called Megan, some of you might know her as @megan_xoxo on Instagram and part time Model for Sharp Design!

As a child, I was very mature for my age. Even some of my friends annoyed me during my high school years because of their very immaturity. I had to be mature as at a young age my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer the first time in 2003, then diagnosed again in 2011.This put a lot of stress on me and it didn’t help with me getting bullied as well. At the end of primary school to roughly 4th year of high school I got bullied. I used to get my school bag thrown in the toilet and flushed, called nasty names and even grabbed by the hair due to someone blaming me for something I didn’t even do! plus lots more I could not talk about, as it brings back so many bad memories!  High school was hard for me, changing friend groups all the time until I found a group who liked me for who I was! This finally happened at the end of 4th year and I am still friends with some of them today! (Katie Hanna, you know I’m talking about you! Haha). This friendship group helped me get through high school, they helped me with boosting my confidence and bringing me out of my ‘shell’. At school, I did very good in school, volunteering for many things, getting good grades and was even in the school orchestra and North Ayrshire School orchestra playing the Alto Saxophone for 7 years. I sadly gave the saxophone up when I left high school and is sitting in my wardrobe!

I would say my 6th year at High school was the best as I took Advanced higher Art and Higher Photography. two subjects I loved the most. I also did a lot of extra curriculum such as completing Higher Leadership, being Head set designer in the school show, being on the yearbook and Leavers Hoodie committee and even apart of Young Enterprise. I loved every moment of sixth year, it was truly amazing! Not to forget Prom which was incredible!

Sixth year was the year I had to really focus on what I wanted to do in life. I knew from a young age I wanted to work in an industry where I could be creative and have fun at the same time! and I found that course for me; HND Visual Communication at Glasgow Clyde College, Cardonald. This course had everything I wanted to do in life, design stationary, advertisements, create logos, web design, Illustration, animation, the lot! This was my future! I was so pleased as at my interview I was given an unconditional place there and then. I was over the moon, my dream of being a graphic designer was one step closer. I started my diploma in 2014, it was a long journey to and from Irvine to Glasgow three days a week, but I didn’t care, I loved the course! The class I was in had the best people in it, I made friends with a bunch of girls at first then we grouped together with the other boys in our class as we got on so well and to this day are still friends, I couldn’t have asked for a better time at Glasgow Clyde, I couldn’t have done my HND without my class mates, who are truly my best friends! My time at Glasgow Clyde College was coming to an end and I graduated at the University of Glasgow, Bute hall in the November of 2016.

I was determined to go even further and complete my degree after HND. After many interviews, I decided to pick The University of the West of Scotland, Ayr Campus to study BA(Hons) Digital Art and Design. I started 3rd Year in September of 2016 and recently just completed 3rd year with 2 A’s and 4 B’s. I could not believe it! Honours Year has started (September 2017) and I am really enjoying my briefs I have be given!

my story is still an open book and hopefully after Honours Year I can tell the next part to my story, my future, my dream.


Thanks for reading

Steph @ SharpDesign.


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