Trends,Trends and More Trends! Grids,Logos and Branding

Hey everyone , hope your well! Sorry not posted recently , I have been very busy with college work!Today i want to talk about two more trends of 2016…

The 5th Graphic design trend of 2016 is Grids! As a graphic designer grids are very important. Grids are simply vertical and horizontal lines in which help you organise and structure your design content.This could be in any Adobe software such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or in any other graphic software.Setting up grids helps you structure your composition right and balance any images or text included in your design.If you struggle with getting your grids right i do recommend an author called Josef Muller-Brockmann.He has a book called Grid Systems in Graphic design. It’s a must read! Personally myself I struggle with getting my grids right but if you give that a read it will definitely help you on your way!

The other Trend, Number 6 is Logo Design Vs Branding.Logo design is a huge! thing in the graphic design world.A logo is a simple reminder of a company or product and for a graphic designer it represents our challenge of taking a clients essence or idea and creating a single graphic.Fresh, New, clean logos can last a very long time and wont need renewing where as others can be replaced  by a different version or a completely new fresh logo.

As to branding.Usually logo design stand outs of part of the brand but there is so much more to branding than there is. A good brand identity can be  built out by many elements and the logo will reflect those elements and work within its brand system.To create a brand you have to have many elements such as Inspiration, Target market , etc. This is all needed when either creating your own brand or business. What helped me create my own brand was a mood board. I wrote down what my logo design would look like, draw variations of the website , my influence , inspiration, font and social media chooses. This definitely helped me to idea of SharpDesign!

Thanks for reading guys! Really appreciate it. I have loved writing these blogs, it’s so much fun!

Illustrations aren’t just for kids!…

Hey Everyone! How are you all doing?

Cant believe were on to the 3rd Trend of the week! The time just flies by!

So today we are talking about the 3rd Graphic Design trend of 2016.That trend is Whimsical Illustrations. Whimsical illustrations are Illustrations in which are unusual in a playful or amusing way : not serious.Most whimsical illustrations are hand drawn and aren’t just for kids anymore. For example Dropbox have designed an illustration for their website using friendly doodles that depict a playful humane element!. A lot of Graphic designers nowadays explore more in to using sketchy lines and different types of brushstrokes and mixing their tools etc creating a variation of illustration styles.

As a Graphic designer I depend on illustrations when given a project. I love drawing my own illustrations and developing them in my sketchbook, using different medias such as pens, inks, watercolour, prints etc until I feel the illustration suits the brief but also its target market! I’m a bit of a perfectionist that way! haha

There are many amazing, talented illustrators out there! Go and research designers, start reading more blogs, This will definitely help you during either your HND, Degree, Creative Industry job etc! Your Employer or Lecturer will tell you this! Listen to them! They do give the best advice! haha Also the Internet is here to help!. There are so many bloggers, Vloggers, articles etc online which can help give you inspiration and advice.That how i started creating my own blog and website by simply reading other bloggers! it definitely helps as I’ve loved writing these past few days! It’s Great! 🙂

Always remember Illustrations aren’t just for kids there for big kids too! We Big kids love creative illustrative ideas! 🙂

Short and Sweet Blog post tonight! The sun is shining and don’t want to be stuck indoors! haha

Would love to hear from you if your reading this! Give us a comment! tell me how your day is? would love to hear!

Thanks everyone!

Steph x


Trend No.2 of 2016 Bringing back my Childhood!...

Hey everyone! Hope your day has been well!.

Here again today with the 2nd Trend of Graphic design 2016, From the photo shown on the 1st trend? did anyone get it?

Yep.. your right use Bold, Playful Typography!

Every creative designer will know that typography is a BIG DEAL! Typography makes the piece!.Typography can be expensive and inexpensive depending on where you get your type from.One of the websites I use is called, They have lots of new fonts each day.You can get different themes of type from San serif to Serif, to bold to italic.They have it all and a bonus..ITS FREE TO DOWNLOAD! 😀

From reading lots of articles and reviews on typography of 2016. It sounds like the top 3 font themes that are trending at the moment are Script, Watercolour and Hand drawn Typefaces.Script typeface has been around for many years.Its one of those traditional typefaces that is used a lot in the graphics world and appears a lot on a lot of advertising etc.Ive used it many times in my work.

As to Watercolour typefaces it is yet another style that can bring life to your design board. Watercolour typeface gives the impression of a fun,happy, joyful attitude, so it is a great way to give a personal approach to your designs and emphasise your chilled , down to earth personality.I love trying out watercolour typefaces.Its great when using it for a feminine, girly project!.

You can be very creative with your projects when creating typeface .One of my creative ideas was to create my very own font using Playdoh!.I wanted my type to resemble two of Director Pete Doctor’s Award Winning Disney,Pixar movies ‘UP’ and ‘Inside Out’. Playdoh was a great way to communicate the playfulness of the film.I used many bright, colourful colours of Playdoh. For Inside Out I used red, green, blue, yellow and purple to resemble the characters and for ‘Up’ I used Dark blue and Green to create the mountain Carl and Russell land on.It was so much fun to create.It definitely brought memories back from my childhood!

Personally I feel Typography is always going to be a top trend for Graphic design.Its very popular and a favourite to add to every design brief given .For sure I’ll be using Type for the rest of my Graphic Design to come!

Steph x

p.s. Heres my hand drawn creative Typefaces 🙂

IMG_0975 2





The trends of 2016!…

I’ve been feeling really Creative this week as my website is official up and running. I feel the best thing to start this blog of is to talk about the new graphic design trends of 2016.

Each day i will be giving one of 10 top graphic design trends of 2016 and my opinion on it! So!…Today Ill be starting of with the NO.1 trend of 2016 which is Flat 2.0.

The flat design trend is clean , brightly coloured, large on typography and white spaces and gradients.This trend is inspired by designers sun Bauhaus and the Swiss style.Flat design can be designed with hand drawn work , photography and lots of other creative medias, making the trend really flexible to use!.

Personally i feel this trend will be trending next year definitely, maybe not NO.1. but i feel it will still be in the top 10.As a graphic designer this is the hottest design trend to use! Designers out there! start using!


Tomorrow I’ll be back again with No.2!

Heres a hint, lets see if you can get it!….



Conquering My Dreams!…

Today is the day! My Website is finished and ready to use! I can’t believe after 10 weeks its finished. For a long time I’ve been researching different bloggers to find out what they write about.What do we really write about? I looked up bloggers and my favourite ones were my famous Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Anna SacconeJoly and lots and lots of Graphic designers such as Aaron Draplin! there is too many that I love!.I feel for my website I’m going to write blogs about What i do each day as a student studying Graphic Design but also look at ‘things’ that inspire my design of work plus my every day personal life.Bringing you on all my adventures.

I should first of all tell you about myself(if you have not seen my About page yet).My name is Stephanie Anne Sharp, Everyone calls me Steph! I’m 19 years old and studying Graphic Design , HND at Glasgow Clyde college and soon becoming a university student. From a small age I’ve always wanted a career in the creative Industry.When I finished 6th Year in 2014 I was so unsure of what i wanted to do in life!. From talking to my Uncle Allan who has his own company in the copyright Industry called BlackAD, he suggested combining my two favourite subjects of Computing and Art and suggested me becoming a  Graphic designer.I researched for many weeks and loved the idea of becoming a graphic designer.the thought of creating advertising for companies, using my skill of photography and creating lots of clean, fresh new logo ideas made me so excited for the future! It made me so  I applied for Graphic design at Clyde College, Cardonald Campus that year.By the end of 2014 I got an unconditional into the HND course and was so excited!.My dream is to complete University,work at an agency and then conquer my dream of having my own Graphic design business called Sharp Design.By creating this website this will be the start of Conquering my dreams!

Steph! x

Hello Blog! First ever post! Exciting!

This is my first ever blog post! isn’t this exciting! soon when I’m finished my web site the blog posts will be up and running!

I’ll be adding a mixture of posts looking into many graphic design techniques, styles, new and up coming designer and much more!

speak soon!


Steph x